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Thursday, August 18 2016 6:30 PM 8:30 PM

Spaces Corners at ICP Museum invites you to the launch of ROMAN NVMERALS’s 2016 book releases (Vol. IX–Vol. LVII) with artists John Lehr, Orianna Riley, Tanya Marcuse, Ann Daly, Katherine Wolkoff, Marion Belanger, Kristine Potter, Darin Mickey, Ted Partin, Linda Gallagher, and Brian Bauman.

ROMAN NVMERALS is a publishing collaboration started by artists David La Spina and Michael Vahrenwald. The imprint consists of a series of simple, single-signature books, consisting of a concise body of work. ROMAN NVMERALS books are affordable and printed in the US at Meridian Printing in East Greenwich, Rhode Island on an Indigo Press. The artist-funded books are printed in batches of 20–40 in order to have no backstock or overhead, serving as a streamlined vehicle to make self-publishing affordable for artists.

ROMAN NVMERALS’s new releases include the following titles:

Vol. IX: Nine by Ted Partin
Vol. X: Little Discrepancies by Linda Gallagher and Brian Bauman
Vol. XI: El Camino Real by John Lehr
Vol. XII: Island Ponds by Orianna Riley
Vol. XIV: Woven Nº 4 by Tanya Marcuse
Vol. XV: Woven Nº 9 by Tanya Marcuse
Vol. XVII: Drafts: Letters Unsent by Ann Daly
Vol. XVIII: Vita Nova by Katherine Wolkoff
Vol. XIX: Garden Study by Marion Belanger
Vol. XX: Ranch House by Marion Belanger
Vol. XXI: Outside Edge by Marion Belanger
Vol. XXII: Oasis by Kristine Potter
Vol. XXIII: A Different Kind of Tension by Darin Mickey
Vol. LVII: Box of Fiction by Ann Daly

All titles are priced at $20. For more details on each title and to preorder a copy visit Spaces Corners.

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